Lottery Ace

What is Lottery Ace…

One-stop-shop app to manage your lotteries!

Packed full of innovative and time-saving features, this app gives you all the help you need to choose and track your lines for the major national lotteries. You can see frequency and last picked analysis for the balls, plotted on a unique easy-to-use graph; you can even weight your lucky dip choices to favour hot or cold numbers.

This latest release of Lottery Ace allows you to buy our indispensable Syndicate Manager module, a formidable array of tools to help you organise the regular draws for your syndicate. As well as tracking who has paid their stake for any given draw, Syndicate Manager allows you to send emails or texts confirming participation, and even calculates allocation of winnings across syndicate members.

Download of results and checking if your favourites have won are of course provided as standard right out of the box.

If you purchase the full product, as well as being able to enter unlimited favourites and save as much historical data as you like, you will be able to set up bespoke lotteries in addition to those standard ones provided, to allow tracking of lines and results for other games.

There are far too many benefits to list here – download for free the lite version and take a look!