My Lotteries



The ‘My lotteries’ view gives you an overview of the last result you have downloaded for each of your lotteries, along with any wins.

You can drill down into each lottery to get more history details for that lottery. This history view shows up to a maximum of 6 months for the free product, and allows full product users the ability to build up unlimited history for analysis and tracking purposes. Each historical draw result is shown, along with summary details of lines entered for that draw and any wins.

For each lottery, the next scheduled draw is also shown, to allow you to enter your lines for immediate checking when the draw result is shown. You can also add lines for any other future date by using the add button.

If you have purchased the full product or syndicate module, the settings button allows you to view profile details for each lottery, and even create profiles for other lotteries not provided as standard.

Drilling down into a history row gives a Draw view, giving result details for a given draw for a lottery, and allowing you to enter details of your lines for that draw. You can choose to include lines for any favourites you have set up for that lottery, as well as any regular syndicate lines if you have purchased the syndicate module.

If the result is available, Lottery ace will flag up any winning lines. The balls are colour coded to clarify the win – any matching balls that are part of a win are red – any matching balls that do not contribute to a win are orange.

If the result has not been downloaded yet (for example if the user is watching the draw live), the results can be entered directly into Lottery Ace for an immediate analysis of wins.