My Syndicates



If you have purchased the syndicate module, this allows you to enter and track details of syndicates you manage.

Adding a syndicate, you can enter details of the members, selecting details from your address book to make things easy. You can then select each lottery covered by the syndicate, and enter any regular lines used by that syndicate for that lottery.

The syndicate view gives a financial summary of the syndicate – winnings, stakes unpaid, winnings uncollected and so gives a current balance of money held in the syndicate.

The syndicate draw view allows you to manage a particular draw the syndicate is taking part in for a lottery on a given day. You can enter the lines you have purchased for that draw – any regular lines for the syndicate are automatically registered. When the results are available, they are displayed and any winning lines are identified as such.

All members are automatically flagged as participating and having not paid for a given draw. You can deselect them from participation and record who has paid when they do. You can generate and send emails or texts to people to remind them to pay.

Most importantly you can send confirmatory emails to members stating whether they are participating or not, to avoid any uncertainty in the event of a win.