I can’t select a number on the Picker view

Chances are you have reached the limit for the given draw. Try deselecting another ball and then selecting the one you want.

 Does the Analysis screen include bonus balls?

By clicking the next ball set button you can alternate between these and the main balls for that draw.

Can I get more than 6 months of history and analysis?

If you have purchased the full product, the draw history and analysis will build up indefinitely.

Can I cut down how much history and analysis I have?

If you have purchased the full product, hit the settings button on the ‘My Lotteries’ form, and select the lottery you want to cut down the results for; you can then select the ‘trim history’ option to cut down the amount.

 My History hasn’t got the latest results

This could be one of a couple of things

  •  If you haven’t got a connection to the internet then these won’t have been    downloaded
  •  If it is too soon after the draw, the results won’t have been posted yet

Either way, make sure you have an internet connection then use the pull down facility on the Draw History view to refresh the results

On the Analysis view, my balls all appear in a single line

This is probably because you haven’t yet downloaded any history for that lottery – go to My Lotteries and select the relevant lottery to download the history.